Scanning Legal Files Scanning Saves Time and Money

Scanning Saves Time and Money

Legal Case File Scanning can reduce your overall costs of document management in the following areas

  • File Retrieval
  • Cost Associated with Lost Cases
  • Case File Storage Costs
  • Cost of Reviewing Case Files Can Be Reduced By OCR Scanning
  • Cost of Duplicating a Case

What Does It Cost to Retrieve a File

The University of Mass Medical Center published a study about various costs associated with storing and retrieving a file. It is referenced below. In the study, they identified five areas where the manual system affected costs.

1. The time it takes to retrieve a file takes too long. The slow retrieval time is reflected in delayed or lost income.

2. The manual system requires labor and space expense.

3. The manual system results in lost files

4. The manual system lacks the security requirements dictated by various laws

5. No back up exists of the manual files. This lack of backups to paper documents was brought to the fore front of the news during Hurricane Katrina. Lost medical files caused billions of dollars in expense associated with duplicating tests and trying to rebuild some sort of patient history.

What does Document Retrieval Require?

There are eleven steps all performed by a human being. There are eleven steps that can be done wrong. There are eleven steps that have to be paid for. There are eleven steps in which a document can be lost (misfiled or stolen) or a patient's private information could be compromised.

Receive a request

Travel to file storage area

Travel to the file storage area

Locate section, identify where the batch was originally located

Locate the appropriate section, identify and pull the file

File any new documents associated with the batch

Route file to the requisitioner

Re file in the folder/batch

Copy documentation requested

Travel back

Files returned


There are eleven steps all performed by a human being. There are eleven steps that can be done wrong. There are eleven steps that have to be paid for. There are eleven steps in which a document can be lost (misfiled or stolen) or a case file information could be compromised.

Once a file is lost or stolen, the cost to replace the file can be huge. If a court case is lost because a loan or other legal agreement is lost, the costs can be huge

Scanning Can Reduce Space Requirements for On-Site Storage

Scanned legal files are retrieved online. Therefore they don't generally need to be on hand in the office. The space taken up by the files is sometimes large enough, such that the removal of the files allow you to either release some office space or grow without moving.

Lost and Misfiled Law Records are No Longer a Problem Once Your Files are Scanned.

Once a hardcopy file is checked out, then you have to reply on your personnel to actually return it the storage location and secondly, accurately re file it to the proper location. Lost files can be over 20% of the files checked out. There are some ways to reduce that percentage down to 2%, but those come with their own additional cost.

Scanning can Allow Multiple People to Have Simultaneous Access to a File

When a file is checked out, no one else can look at it. This can be a tremendous problem. Scanned documents allow for multiple lawyers or paralegals to have access to the case at the same time.


Source U of Mass Medical Center Study


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