What is OCR Scanning

Stands for ‘Optical Character Recognition’. OCR scanning software has become an ideal way to convert scanned documents into computer files which are not just images but can also be manipulated, modified and updated. It has an ability to read text and take out information according to the optical characteristics. It is an advanced method to increase productive significance of scanned documents. OCR covert a scanned document into a completely searchable and editable format that can be accessed, stored and shared with ease.

OCR scanning software has found a lot of application in today’s complex and fast pace world. A good number of organizations including law firms, hospitals, governmental agencies, and more tend to utilize OCR to ensure document management which leads to improved faster conversion, storage and easier retrieval of data.

If your business or office work requires scanning on a systematic basis, contract with a cutting-edge scanning companies who feature OCR scanning capabilities to scan and convert documents into word files, text and to extract data from the documents needed in other systems you are running.

Getting a right solution from a reliable source is the key to get maximum value for your money.

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Typical Requests For Services

Im looking into a company or companies that can scan old files onto disk. This would be BIG jobs for law firms.
20 legal size file cabinet drawers of files. They vary from Pesonnel Files, to Benchmarking File, to Project Files to Proposal Files
I would like a rough estimate on scanning in legal files. Can you give me a price per file cabinet? Or how do you usually price?
I need for a 45 to 60 day period of time a company that can scan various legal documents into our system. I need staff that can identify legal document type
Wanted pricing to digitally scan existing back files (including letter, legal, 11x17 and drawings) for archiving purposes.